EWASS 2013 - Logomo, Turku, Finland, 8-12 July 2013


Interferometry and Asteroseismology
 Pierre Kervella (I)
Stellar radii and masses from long-baseline interferometry
 Orlagh Creevey (I)
Improving fundamental parameters of stars through stellar modelling with interferometry
 Kaspar von Braun
Fundamental Stellar Parameters of Main Sequence Stars with an Eye on Exoplanets
 Gerard van Belle
The PTI Giant Star Survey
 William Chaplin (I) Asteroseismic estimation of fundamental stellar properties
13:20-14:30 Lunch
 Pieter DeGroote Consistent modeling of stars
 Pier Giorgio Prada Moroni Stellar models uncertainties and grid-based estimates of stellar parameters
Photometric and Spectroscopic Scales
 Luca Casagrande Fundamental stellar parameters from photometry
 Juliet Datson
Testing the temperature and metallicity scales
 Andreas Korn (I) Stellar parameters in the Gaia-ESO and Gaia surveys
15.55-16.10  Gregory Ruchti High-Precision Spectroscopy and Fundamental Parameters of Cool Stars
16:10-16:30 Coffee break
16.30-16.45  Remo Collet The Stagger-Grid project: a grid of 3D model stellar atmospheres for high-precision spectroscopy
Galactic Surveys and Reddening
 Tomaz Zwitter (I)
Galactic Spectroscopic Surveys, stellar parameters and reddening
 Ralph Schönrich
Probabilistic methods of stellar parameter determination
17:20-17:30  Bengt Gustafsson (I)
Conference Summary
17:30-18:00 Final discussion


The posters will be exposed close to the main hall for the whole duration of EWASS, from Monday morning to Friday evening (to be removed by 6 p.m.). The format for posters is 88 cm width x 118 cm height. The slots will be tagged by the name of the author. Poster viewing sessions for Special Session 3 will be held during the following coffe-breaks :
Monday 8.7, 16.10-16.30
Tuesday  9.7, 10.30-11.00

 Corrado Boeche SPACE: a new code for stellar parameters and chemical abundances estimations
 Marcella Di Criscienzo The initial Helium content of galactic globular cluster stars
 Natalia Drake Chemically-peculiar low-metallicity stars BD+03 2688 and HD 55496: fundamental parameters, chemical abundances and evolution states
 João Fernandes
DY/DZ from binary stars: metallicity dependence and helium saturation
 Leticia Ferreira
Chemical Abundance Scale in Giant and Dwarf stars
 Anders  Jorgensen High-Precision Stellar Diameters from Coherent Integration of NPOI Data
 Nadia Kaltcheva A precision photometry study of Galactic star-forming sites
 O.J. Katime Santrich Giant stars in the young open cluster NGC 3114: fundamental parameters and chemical abundances
 Fernando Pinheiro Mass inference of solar type stars: comparison between methods
 Laura Portinari
The importance of appearing right
 M.M. Rojas Garcia Fundamental parameters and abundance patterns of a sample of debris-disks and planet-hosting stars
 Sergey Zubarev The effective temperature and entropy production as a function of star age
 Sergey Zubarev Homogenized HR diagram for the open cluster NGC 188