Fundamental Stellar Parameters

Special Session 3 @ EWASS 2013

Monday, July 8th  (.11.45-18.00.)

SOC: Luca Casagrande (co-chair)
         Laura Portinari (co-chair)
         Bill Chaplin
         Sofia Feltzing
         Chris Flynn
         Bengt Gustafsson
         Pierre Kervella
         Birgitta Nordström
         Antonella Vallenari

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Extensive high precision surveys of Galactic stellar populations demand to know the fundamental scale that translates stellar observables into physical parameters. Systematic divergences among different methods (up to 100 K in temperature and 0.1 dex in metallicity) are still larger than the formal precision. This Special Session brings experts together to review the latest results on fundamental stellar parameters from spectroscopy, photometry, interferometry, asteroseismology; and to discuss the remaining discrepancies.

Sponsored by the Gaia Research for European Astronomy Training (GREAT) programme of the European Science Foundation