EWASS 2013 - Logomo, Turku, Finland, 8-12 July 2013

 Wednesday 10th of July - afternoon   (chair : Esko Valtaoja)

Scaling relations from low to high z (I)
 Kelly Denney (I)
Measuring the Masses of Supermassive Black Holes: Methods, Challenges, and Recent Advances
 Roberto Decarli (I) An observational outlook on massive black holes and host galaxies
 Ronald Läsker Is the MBH-Lbulge relation really fundamental ?
 Manuel Arca-Sedda Compact Massive Objects in galaxies: the sequence from massive black holes to Nuclear Star Clusters
15:50-16:15  Coffee break
 Wednesday 10th of July - evening   (chair : Knud Jahnke)
 Martín López-Corredoira Non-evolution of the dependence of black hole masses on bolometric luminosities for QSOs
 Yohan Dubois (I) AGN feedback in hydro cosmological simulations
 Colin DeGraf
Supermassive black hole growth at z>4.75 in cosmological hydrodynamic simulations
 Takamitsu Tanaka
Cosmic warming: global self-regulation of the growth of massive black holes in the early Universe

 Thursday 11th of July - morning   (chair : Almudena Alonso-Herrero)
Scaling relations from low to high z (II)
 Francesco Shankar (I) Local Scaling Relation of Super-Massive Black Holes: Origin, Evolution, Consequences
 Laura Portinari Co-evolution of Black Holes and Galaxies : The role of observational biases
Properties of AGN host galaxies
 Vivienne Wild (I) Timing the starburst-AGN connection
 Raffaella Morganti Cold gas in the life of radio sources: status and future perspectives
12:30-13:30  Lunch
 Thursday 11th of July - afternoon   (chair : Kenneth Kellermann)
 Marcella Brusa (I)
The host galaxies properties of z~2 obscured AGN: evidence for AGN feedback and outflows
 Viola Allevato
Occupation of X-ray selected Galaxy Groups by X-ray AGN in COSMOS
 Antonio Hernan-Caballero
Stellar populations and star formation rates of X-rays selected AGN at z~1
 Maurilio Pannella Star formation in the host galaxies of AGN up to z≈3
 Pierluigi Monaco (I) The many manifestations of AGN feedback: is the galaxy/BH relation a result of self-regulation?
 Yetli Rosas Guevara
The key role of angular momentum on the black hole accretion rate  and on the galaxy mass function
15:30-16:00 Coffee break
 Thursday 11th of July - evening   (chair : Johan Knapen)
 Peter Johansson Equal and Unequal-mass mergers of galaxies with thermal and kinetic feedback from black holes
 Claudia Cicone Revealing the AGN Feedback through Broad Wings of CO Emission Lines
 Julia Scharwächter Accretion, feedback, and gas excitation in nearby AGN host galaxies
 Jari Kotilainen The host galaxies of low-redshift quasars in the SDSS Stripe 82
 Kalle Karhunen Properties of the quasar environments in the nearby Universe
 Malcolm Bremer The environments of z~5 QSOs
Concluding remarks : Perspectives and future directions
 Knud Jahnke (I)
Co-evolution: Do black holes actually matter for galaxy evolution?


The posters will be exposed close to the main hall for the whole duration of EWASS, from Monday morning to Friday evening (to be removed before 6 p.m.). The format for posters is 88 cm width x 118 cm height. The slots will be tagged by the name of the author. Poster viewing sessions for Symposium 10 will be held during the following coffe-breaks :
Wednesday 10.7, 15.50-16.15
Thursday  11.7, 10.30-11.00 and 15.30-16.00

 Bhaskar Agarwal
A new class of obese black hole galaxies at z>6
 Almudena Alonso-Herrero Exploring the dusty environs of Active Galactic Nuclei: dusty tori and nuclear star formation
 Christian Boily Orbital resonances and anisotropy around a massive central black hole
 Margherita Bonzini Host galaxy properties of radio selected AGN
 Ing-Guey Jiang
The Dynamics near Centers of Galaxies with Supermassive Binar17.20-17.40y Black Holes
 Ece Kilerci Eser
Simultaneous SEDs of Nearby Seyferts
 Anthea King
AGN as standardizable candles and the importance of high redshift standard candles for cosmological constraints
 Yutaka Komiya
Black hole mass dependence of the scale length of cross-correlation between AGNs and galaxies
 Dennis Kügler
Analyzing the first optically selected BL Lac sample
 Alla Miroshnichenko The testing of the unified model for sources with steep radio spectrum
 Yuriko Saito Investigating the SMBH to spheroidal stellar mass ratio in z~3 QSOs using the Subaru Telescope
 Philip Taylor
A Novel Approach to the Seeding of Black Holes in Cosmological Simulations
 Irina Vavilova
Estimation of central black hole`s masses of the isolated 2MIG AGNs of the Northern hemisphere
 Beatriz Villarroel AGN in duet with their neighbours: who plays the viola?
 Long Wang The Link Between Ejected Stars And Eccentricity Growth of Super Massive Black Holes In Galactic Nuclei