Mira Tammelin

I am currently a groundwater specialist at the Finnish Environment Institute and a doctoral candidate at University of Turku. I'm finalizing my paleolimnological PhD thesis in Quaternary geology and I also have an MSc (Tech.) degree on software engineering. On my spare time, I am an enthusiastic globetrotter and photographer.

Projects I've worked on

PhD project 2011-

Natural eutrophy and anthropogenic water quality change in Finnish lakes

(At University of Turku)

Geohouse web site 2018

Part of the design and content production working group

(University of Turku and Åbo Akademi)

FOKUS II 2013-2015

Nutrient loading of freshwaters

(At Geological Survey of Finland,
Led by Agrifood Research Finland)

MAHA 2011-2013

The effect of land-use on diffuse nutrient loading

(At Geological Survey of Finland,
Led by Finnish Forest Research Institute)

RENSKA 2 (MSc thesis) 2007-2008

Method development for the determination of neutralization potential in mine waste

(At VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland)


Scientific publications

Quaternary 2019

Varve Distribution Reveals Spatiotemporal Hypolimnetic Hypoxia Oscillations During the Past 200 Years in Lake Lehmilampi, Eastern Finland

(Salminen et al.)

Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 2018

Quaternary landforms and basin morphology control the natural eutrophy of boreal lakes and their sensitivity to anthropogenic forcing

(Tammelin & Kauppila)

Hydrobiologia 2017

Factors controlling recent diatom assemblages across a steep local nutrient gradient in central-eastern Finland

(Tammelin et al.)

Read here!

GFF 2017

Winter climate signal in boreal clastic-biogenic varves: a comprehensive analysis of three varved records from 1890 to 1990 AD with meteorological and hydrological data from Eastern Finland

(Saarni et al.)

Environmental Earth Sciences 2016

Aquatic effects of peat extraction and peatland forest drainage: a comparative sediment study of two adjacent lakes in Central Finland

(Kauppila et al.)

Quaternary Research 2012

Diatom-inferred total phosphorus from dystrophic Lake Arapisto, Finland, in relation to Holocene paleoclimate

(Luoto et al.)

Trade journal publications

Geologi 2020

Kaivoksia, ympäristöongelmia ja ofioliitteja - Geotalon ekskursio Kosovoon ja Albaniaan

(Tammelin, Kraatz & Nikkilä)

Vesitalous 2015

Iisalmen reitin luontainen rehevyys

(Tammelin & Kauppila)

Vesitalous 2012

Luonnonhuuhtouman arviointi Etelä-Suomen savikkoalueilla

(Mäkinen, Tammelin & Kauppila)

Blog posts

UTUBE 2016

EGU General Assembly 2016 - Geosciences rock!

UTUBE 2016

What are diatoms and
what do they tell us?


3rd place

Geologist at work photo competition 2016, the Finnish Union of Geologists

Other collaboration


Geological background description to iisalmenreitti.fi web page

(Savo-Karjalan Vesiensuojeluyhdistys ry)

The Hidden World of Diatoms

Diatom photo in the childrens' book
The Hidden World of Diatoms

(Writer: Emanuela Samaritani,
Illustrator: Helena Kreissel)

Improving VEMALA

Improving natural phophorus export simulation of the Finnish nutrient loading model VEMALA in North Savo

(Finnish Environment Institute - SYKE)

Lake Korttajärvi

Main supervisor in an MSc thesis about anthropogenic changes in Lake Korttajärvi

(University of Turku)

Lake Loppijärvi

Holocene eutrophication history of Lake Loppijärvi

(T. Peltovuori/University of Helsinki)