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Grammar Links Vocabulary
Guide to Grammar and Writing The Visual Thesaurus  Grammar Zone  Lots of vocabulary exercises and games  All kinds of grammar exercises: present, past, future, modals etc.  All kinds of vocabulary exercises from easy to difficult
ESL Partyland:  More grammar exercises: graded from easy to difficult
Comprehensive General Vocabulary Quizzes
The Quiz Center:  Grammar quizzes again graded from easy to difficult An Idiom Test
Quizzes on Prepositional Phrases Everyday verbs
A List of Conjunctions and Explanations Personal characteristics
Grammar Materials Website        ** recommended ** Listening
The Basic Elements of English
English Rules BBC Listening
This week's exercise: Present perfect/past simple (do the exercises)
Fun with English
Etymology of Names
Fun Anagrams The Sounds Animals Make in Lots of Languages
The LS LOWRY Art Gallery: see Lowry's art on-line The Linguistic Fun Page
Tongue Twisters in many languages lots of really nice things to with English
English the FUN ZONE Bartisms: what Bart Simpson writes on the board at the start of each episode
Some rules to write English good! Tommy Cooper Jokes
Body language and President Bush Stingray: the best beginning of any programme - ever!
The truth about the moon landings  (sound needed) Why did the chicken cross the road? Click on the links on the left side of the page (Chicken Joke Categories) to see why. 
British Media Business
The BBC Global business 
Times BBC Learning Business English
Executive Planet
CEO Express