Petteri Harjulehto

Ph.D. (University of Helsinki 2002)
Docent (U. of Helsinki 2005, U. of Turku 2013)

University Lecturer in University of Turku
(in Finnish 'yliopistonlehtori')

Research interests:
variable exponent function spaces,
generalized Orlicz spaces,
nonlinear partial differential equations,
image restoration,
analysis on metric measure spaces.

A short curriculum vitae.


Analyysi IIA,
kevät 2022, periodit 3-4.

Matematiikan demonstraatiokurssi,
syksy 2021, periodit 1-2.

Lebesguen mitta ja integraali,
syksy 2021, periodit 1-2.


Generalized Orlicz spaces and related PDEs


RomFin2019 and FSDONA2019
Nonstandard growth phenomena 2017
Function Spaces, PDE and Image Processing (2012)
Variable Exponent Analysis (2010)
FSDONA Workshop (2008)
FSDONA (2008)
Finland-Japan Joint Seminar on Analysis (2007)

Department of Mathematics and Statistics
20014 University of Turku

Email: pe____ri.harjulehto AT
Tel: +358 2 333 5606 (office)
Office: Quantum (T7 in the map), 2nd floor, room 289.