Valtteri Viljanen
Academy of Finland Research Fellow

University of Turku

    Academy of Finland Research Fellow project
    Dynamistic Ontologies of Moral Agency from Kant to Nietzsche

    September 2014–August 2019
    Valtteri Viljanen

    The project examines the interplay between basic views of reality as powerful in nature and theories of moral agency in the history of modern philosophy. It focuses on (1) Kantís moral rationalism, in which morality is about the autonomous exercise of our wills as self-determining powers; (2) Hegelís historically oriented theory of moral agency as social in character, emerging from striving for mutual recognition between persons; (3) Schopenhauerís stark view of the world as inherently violent striving, which we should simply deny; (4) Nietzscheís view of perfection as greater will to power, the highest manifestation of which is a perspective from which to view oneís life as something to be embraced even if it were to eternally recur. The project thus aims at mapping key philosophical positions which to this day function as intellectual landmarks that guide us in our thinking about moral agency and human existence; as such, its results are relevant also for general cultural self-understanding