Vesa Halava

Professor of Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science
Department of Mathematics and Statistics


My research interests are decidability questions in different computational models (automata theory, semi-Thue systems, Turing machines etc.); decidability questions on integers matrices; foundations of mathematics and computer science; logic; combinatorics on words. At the moment I am focusing on decidability questions and foundations.


Office:Quantum 3rd floor, room 368
Phone:+358 (0)50 320 6267 / + 358 (0)29 450 4304
Fax: Fax: +358 (0)2 231 0311
Postal address:Department of Mathematics and Statistics
20014 University of Turku

Publications and CV

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2019-2020 (periods I-IV)
I-II Analyysi I (mat)
III Logic/Logiikka
IV Advanced course on Logic/Logiikan jatkokurssi
Self-study: Matematiikan historia


Current PhD and PhLic students
Esa Sahla
Teemu Pirttimäki
Harto Saarinen
Former PhD and PhLic students
Tomi Kärki
Reino Niskanen


The Joint Quest for Absolute Infinity and the Continuum – From Cantor to Woodin, May 2019 (Turku)
5th Russian-Finnish Symposium on Discrete Mathematics (RuFiDiM V), May 2019 (Veliky Novgorod)
13th Conference on Reachability Problems, September 2019 (Brussels)

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