Licentiate in Philosophy theses supervised by Matti Vuorinen

HY = Helsingin yliopisto, University of Helsinki
TY= Turun yliopisto, University of Turku
  1. Mika Kolehmainen: Whitney cubes and quasiconformal maps. 1998, HY
  2. Peter Hästö: A new weighted metric: The relative metric. February 2002 , HY
  3. Ville Heikkala: Inequalities for conformal capacity, moduls and conformal invariants. March 2002, HY
  4. Henri Lindén: Studies on geometry and Sobolev spaces, November 2003 , HY
  5. Antti Rasila: Conformal invariants and boundary behavior of quasiregular mappings, November 2003,HY
  6. R. Klen: Local convexity properties of metric balls, 2007, TY
  7. P. Kotiranta: Signal integrity and EMC studies June 2009, HY
  8. M. Kortetmäki: Googlen PageRank-tekniikka, 2009 , TY
  9. Barkat Ali Bhayo: Distortion properties of quasiconformal maps, 2010, TY, PhLic Thesis,