Mathematical analysis

Today Mathematics branches into several hundreds of subfields. One of the major areas where Finnish mathematics is internationally known, is Mathematical Analysis. Some of the prominent representatives of this field in the pre and post second World War periods were Rolf Nevanlinna and Lars Ahlfors, whose pioneering work led to the formation of the Finnish School in Analysis.

Matti Vuorinen 's studies belong to this research tradition. He published his PhD thesis at the University of Helsinki in 1976 and worked there until 2003, when he was appointed to a professorship at the University of Turku. During the past few years his long term coauthors have included mathematicians from Japan, USA, India, Russia. The group helps to coordinate the weekly activities of the Analysis Seminars in Helsinki and Turku. Twelve PhD theses have been published in the group.

Since the origin of this group (ca 1992), a characteristic feature has been team work: most of the publications are joint papers, with ten Finnish and fifty foreign co-authors. Most of the foreign co-authors, who come from all over the world (USA, Russia, Japan, P.R. China, India, New Zealand, EU countries), have visited Turku/Helsinki for periods varying from one week up to two years. The Mathematical Reviews MathSciNet database of the American Mathematical Society provides surveys and up-to-date information about these publications.

The group has systematically developed techniques for applying computers to mathematical experiments and simulations for checking of research hypotheses. Several of the former associates of the group acquired good skills in software development in the C and MATLAB languages and have been working, since their departure from academia, as mathematical software specialists.