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Combinatorial Structures in Graph Theory (2019)

Lectures pdf (58 pages)

Ordered Sets (2006)

Lectures pdf (80 pages)

Graph Theory (2011)

Lectures pdf (99 pages)

Combinatorial enumeration (2004)

Lectures pdf (A short course, 55 pages)

Semigroups (1996)

Lectures 1996 pdf(85 pages)
Short course 2017 pdf(55 pages)

Combinatorics on Words
(Tarragona 2002/2003)

Download slides (2 per sheet) in pdf:
Topics (Introduction) pdf
Freeness pdf
Defect theorem pdf
Critical Factorization pdf
Ehrenfeucht's conjecture pdf

Geometria (2012)

A short course in plane geometry in Finnish . Lectures pdf

Logiikka (2009)

A short course in logic in Finnish . Lectures pdf

Automaatit, Formaaliset kielet ja Laskettavuus (1998)

Automata in Finnish . Lectures pdf


Algebraic Combinatorics on Words

Chapter 13:
T. Harju, J. Karhumäki and W. Plandowski
Cambridge University Press

A. Ehrenfeucht, T. Harju and G. Rozenberg:
The Theory of 2-Structures

World Scientific, 1999

Review in MR


A. Ehrenfeucht, T. Harju, I. Petre,
D.M. Prescott, and G. Rozenberg:

Computation in Living Cells

Springer-Verlag 2004

Preface and References

Talks since 1997

  • Systems of Equations on Words
    Bologna (July 1997)
  • Switching of Graphs
    Budapest (April 1999)
  • Word Equations
    Marseille (June 1999)
  • Algebraic Methods in Automata Theory
    and Combinatorics of Word Equations

    Turku (February 2000)
  • Subsets of Operations for Recombination
    of Genes in Ciliates

    Madrid (May 2001)
  • Decision Questions on Integer Matrices
    Wien (July 2001)
  • An Undecidability Result Concerning
    Periodic Morphisms

    Wien (July 2001)
  • Transitivity of Local Operations on Graphs
    Leiden (September 2001)
  • Combinatorics on Words
    Tarragona (April 2002)
  • Loop Decomposition Structure in Gene Assembly
    Barcelona (October 2002)
  • Micronuclear Gene Patterns
    Barcelona (October 2002)
  • Combinatorics on Words
    Tarragona (April 2003)
  • Mathematics of Gene Assembly
    Seville (June 2003)
  • Combinatorics on Words
    Tarragona (March/April 2004)
  • Loop Decomposition Structure of Gene Assembly
    Rome (September 2004)
  • Micronuclear Gene Patterns
    Rome (September 2004)
  • Folding and Unfolding in Graphs and DNA
    Leiden (November 2004) Slides of the talk pdf
  • Combinatorics on Words
    Tarragona (March/April 2005)
  • Combinatorial Models of Gene Assembly
    Amsterdam (June 2005)
  • Characterizations of Regularity
    Helsinki (September 2005)
  • Algorithmic Questions on Small Integer Matrices
    Tampere (January 2006)
  • Combinatorics on Words
    Tarragona (March 2006)
  • Transitivity of Graph Operations
    Stuttgart (May 2008)
  • Transitivity of Graph Operations
    Liverpool (June 2008)
  • Post Correspondence Problem and Small Dimensional Matrices
    Stuttgart, DLT (July 2009)
  • Weinbaum Factorizations
    Oberwolfach, Mini Symposium on Combinatorics on Words (August 2010)
  • Finite Transducers and Rational Transductions
    Wien, Highlights of AutoMathA (November 2010) Slides of the talk pdf

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