I’m a university lecturer and adjunct professor at the Department of Psychology, University of Turku, Finland. I am currently leading two research projects: Fostering Finnish Science Capital  (FINSCI) consortium funded by the Strategic Research Council (2020-2023), and IMMERSED project on the neurocognitive underpinnings of literary experience, funded by the Academy of Finland (2021-2024). I also coordinate the activities of Turku EyeLabs.

FINSCI examines Finnish Science Capital and seeks ways to foster it in formal and informal science education contexts. My research team at the University of Turku examines how emotions like curiosity and awe impact understanding of science-related information. We also do research on emotions triggered by science-related information when it contradicts prior beliefs, and how that influences comprehension. Read more about the FINSCI consortium and follow our activities HERE.

IMMERSED takes a psychological perspective on literary experience. We examine how emotionally provoking literary texts, for example, horror stories or erotica, capture attention and/or induce mind-wandering by utilising laboratory measures like eye tracking and EEG recordings. We do experiments on reading and on audio book listening.