Johanna K. Kaakinen, Ph.D. (Psychology), adjunct professor
University lecturer

Department of Psychology

20014 University of Turku
phone: +358 (0)29 450 3035

About my research:
I use eye tracking to examine higher order cognitive functions, e.g., text comprehension and viewing of visual scenes. My research currently focuses on how emotions aroused by text -- e.g., horror, erotica, or news stories -- influence reading processes. I also study how subjective experiences of immersion (aka transportation) and mind-wandering are reflected in the online measures of comprehension. These questions are examined using combinations of eye tracking with other laboratory measures (e.g., skin conductance and pupillometry). I am coordinator of Turku EyeLabs, a multidisciplinary laboratory platform that serves researchers interested in using eye tracking to study human cognition and behavior.

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