Submitted articles

Maurits, L., de Heer, M., Honkola, T., Dunn, M. & Vesakoski, O. Best practices in justifying calibrations for dating language families. Major revisions from Journal of Language Evolution.

Peer-reviewed articles

Honkola, T., Syrjänen, K., Santaharju, J. & Pajusalu, K. 2019. Clustering lexical variation of Finnic languages based on Atlas Linguarum Fennicarum. Linguistica Uralica 55:3.

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Honkola, T., Ruokolainen, K., Syrjänen, K. J. J., Leino U, Tammi, I, Wahlberg, N. & Vesakoski, O. 2018. Evolution within a language: Environmental differences contribute to divergence of dialect groups. BMC Evolutionary Biology. 18:132.

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Ala-Honkola, O., Laine, L., Pekkala, N., Kotiaho, J. S., Honkola, T. & Puurtinen, M. 2015. Males gain fitness benefits by mating with outbred females in Drosophila littoralis: male choice for genetic quality? Ethology 121: 577–585. DOI: 10.1111/eth.12369

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Syrjänen, K., Honkola, T., Lehtinen, J., Korhonen, K., Vesakoski, O. & Wahlberg, N. 2013. Shedding more light on language classification using basic vocabularies and phylogenetic methods: A case study of Uralic. Diachronica 30: 323-352. DOI: 10.1075/dia.30.3.02syr.

Non-peer reviewed articles

Honkola, T. 2016. Kielten makro- ja mikroevoluutio: Kielten erkaantumisen tutkiminen evoluutiobiologisista lähtökohdista. [Macro- and microevolution of languages: Exploring linguistic divergence with approaches from evolutionary biology]. Lectio praecursoria. Online version of the journal Virittäjä 1.

Publications intended for general public

Tambets, K., Honkola, T. & Metspalu, M. Whole genome-wide study reveals most Uralic-speakers have traces of recent common demographic history in their genes. On Biology Blog 24.10.2018

Honkola, T. Using a biological framework to resolve the early stages of linguistic divergence BMC Series Blog 6.9.2018.


Honkola, T. 2016. Macro- and microevolution of languages: Exploring linguistic divergence with approaches from evolutionary biology. PhD thesis. University of Turku, Turku.

Honkola, T. 2009. The effects of inbreeding, crossbreeding and stress on metabolic rate in Drosophila littoralis. MSc thesis. University of Jyväskylä.

Honkola, T. 2007. Takasiiven värityksen ja melanismikuvion periytyminen täpläsiilikäskoiraalla (Parasemia plantaginis). [The inheritance of hindwing color and melanin pattern in wood tiger moth males (Parasemia plantaginis)] BSc thesis. University of Jyväskylä.