The Fourth Chinese-Finnish Seminar
and Workshop on Modern Trends
in Classical Analysis and Applications
September 18, 2015, University of Turku

This one day meeting brings together mathematicians working on various topics close to Classical Analysis and Applications and it is organized to promote Classical Analysis and, in particular, Chinese-Finnish research projects in this area. Some of the talks will deal with
  1. quasiconformal maps in Euclidean and Banach spaces
  2. hyperbolic type geometries
  3. differential equations, computational methods
Turku city map.
Campus map.
Turku area map.
  • Prospective participants are invited to submit an abstract Abstract_lastname.tex
  • to Matti Vuorinen, by Aug 27, 2015.
  • We request you kindly to make sure that you are using large enough fonts in case you use slides. Please inform me whether you use blackboard/slides.
  • Site of the event: Turku University Botanical Garden, Ruissalon puistotie 215, Turku, tel. 3339060
  • Location of the Mathematics and Statistics Department on the Campus map: Building T7
  • For latest information see