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Lothaire II
Gene recombination


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Tero Harju

Prof. emer. / Research Director
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
University of Turku
FIN-20014 Turku, Finland
and TUCS

Contact information

Office hour: email me
Email:   harju [at] utu [dot] fi
Phone:  +358-503207954
    (I prefer email)
Special interests

Combinatorics on words
Automata and decidability
Graph theory: Links
DNA: Combinatorics and computing

Geometria (Syksy 2017 periodi II)
Puoliryhmät (Periodi IV 2017)
Combinatorial Enumeration (Spring 2017)

Combinatorial Structures (Spring 2019)
Graph Theory (Spring 2018)
Algebra (in Finnish) (2012)
Ordered Sets (2015)


MAA (Math. Association of America)
AMS (American Math. Society)
Computational Biomodelling Lab.
Academy of Finland
EATCS (European Assoc. Theoret. CS)
EMS (European Math. Soc.)
SIAM (Soc. Industrial and Applied Math.)
CiE (Comp. in Europe)

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