Doctoral students
of Tero Harju

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  • Jurriaan Hage (LIACS Leiden University; co-coordinator), 2001
    Currently: University of Utrecht.
    Thesis: "Structural Aspects of Switching Classes"
  • Vesa Halava (TUCS, University of Turku; advisor), 2002
    Currently: University of Turku (Department of Mathematics)
    Thesis: "The Post Correspondence Problem for Marked Morphisms"
  • Dirk Nowotka (TUCS, University of Turku; advisor), 2004
    Currently: University of Kiel (DFG-Heisenberg Professor)
    Thesis: "Periodicity and Unbordered Factors of Words"
  • Tomi Kärki (TUCS, University of Turku; supervisor), 2008
    Currently: University of Turku (Department of Teacher Education, Rauma)
    Thesis: "Similarity Relations on Words: Relational Codes and Periods"
  • Mari Huova (TUCS, University of Turku; supervisor), 2014
    Currently: University of Turku
    Thesis: "Combinatorics on Words. New Aspects on Avoidability, Defect Effect, Equations and Palindromes"