I am a neuroscientist and an expert on multimodal MRI and interdisciplinary research of (developmental) cognitive neuroscience. Me and my research group study how early life exposures, genes and environment shape the brain structure and function and how these intergenerational factors relate to health and wellbeing.

I am the Principal Investigator of FinnBrain Neuroimaging Lab (part of FinnBrain Birth Cohort study) and Head of Neuroimaging in the Centre of Excellence for Learning Dynamics and Intervention  Research (InterLearn).

I am also proudly part of the Centre for Eudaimonia and Human Flourishing (University of Oxford, UK) and the Lifespan consortium that created the first human brain growth charts.

Outside of the academia I swim, trek and enjoy multiple ways of physical exercise. I also enjoy playing football, the king of sports, whenever possible in good company.