Curriculum vitae

Kozlov-02Mikhail V. Kozlov

Curriculum Vitae

(January 2021)

Personal data

Born on 31 August 1962 in Leningrad, USSR (now St.Petersburg, Russia). Gender: male.

Citizenship: Finland (from 1998). Former citizenship: Russia. Moved to Finland in 1991 (invited by the University of Turku). Current residence: Finland, Turku.

Married; one son.


ResearcherID: I-5037-2013; ORCID: 0000-0002-9500-4244.


17.04.1986: Ph.D. in entomology, Institute of Biology, Siberian Branch, Academy of Sciences of the USSR, Novosibirsk, Russia. Title of Ph.D. thesis: Comparative analysis of thoracal morphology of moths and butterflies in relation to flight and courtship behaviour.

22.06.1984: M.S. in Zoology, Leningrad State University, Russia. Title of M.S. thesis: Morphology, biology and systematics of archaic moths (Lepidoptera: Micropterigidae – Tischeriidae) of the USSR.

Other training

1992-1994: Courses of Finnish language, University of Turku, Finland.

1986-1988: Courses in higher mathematics for engineers, Leningrad State University, Russia.

Linguistic skills

  • Russian: mother tongue;
  • English: free conversation and scientific writing (proficient user, C1/C2);
  • German: sufficient passive knowledge (reading of publications: independent user, B1);
  • Finnish: basic knowledge (project management and conversations: basic user, A1/A2).

Current position

1.8.2009-31.8.2022: senior research fellow, Department of Biology, University of Turku (erikoistutkija; projects funded by the Academy of Finland, the Kone Foundation and the Ministry of Education).

Previous professional appointments

1991-2008: research assistant, project researcher, senior scientist: University of Turku, Finland.

1999-2001: researcher, Faculty of Forestry, University of Joensuu, Finland.

1984-1991: assistant, research assistant, junior scientist, senior scientist, leader of research team: All-Union Institute of Plant Protection, St. Petersburg, Russia.

Fellowships and awards

2012: Docent (adjunct professor) in boreal environment research, University of Helsinki.

2001: Docent (adjunct professor) in environmental ecology, University of Turku.

In Finland, Docent is an academic title awarded by a university, which entitles scientist to be principal investigator, lead research group and act as the supervisor of doctoral students.

2008-2009: senior research fellow of the Academy of Finland.

2002-2007: research fellow of the Academy of Finland.

These fellowships were granted to me by the Academy of Finland on a highly competitive basis: the success rates of applications for these fellowships were 10-15%.

2003-2007: visiting professor, St. Petersburg State University, Russia.

2000-2003: visiting professor, Kola Science Centre, Russia.

The visiting professorship was supported by the Nordic Council of Ministers and aimed primarily at the advancement of qualification of Russian scientists.

Major research funding

2016: Academy of Finland: Geographic variation in the impacts of land use changes on ecosystem stability (495,244 €).

2014: Academy of Finland: Consequences of climate-driven changes in background below- and aboveground herbivory for tree growth, forest productivity, and ecosystem functions (335,600 €);

2008: Academy of Finland: How small is too small? Implications of species-area relationship for conservation biology (110,300 €).

2007: Academy of Finland: Impact of endemic insect herbivory on structure and productivity of vegetation in Northern Europe under a changing climate (422,420 €);

2004: Maj & Tor Nessling Foundation: Decline and recovery of mountain birch populations in contaminated areas (66,385 €);

2003: Academy of Finland: Impact of industrial polluters on terrestrial ecosystems: a research synthesis (162,700 €);

2001: Academy of Finland: United we stand: does the role of positive plant-plant interactions increase with abiotic stress? (381,210 € for research expenses associated with the post of research fellow);

2001: EC, 6th Framework Programme: Effects of global changes on insect-plant interactions in subarctic forests (233,000 €);

2000: The Nordic Council of Ministers (NorFA): Reforestation of northern barren lands: combating stress impacts (165,000 DDK);

1999: The Nordic Council of Ministers (NorFA): Vulnerability of Northern ecosystems to pollution and climate change (296,000 NOK);

1996: EC, 4th Framework Programme: Effects of global changes on insect-plant interactions in subarctic boreal forests (160,000 ECU).


Post-doctoral researchers: J. Valkama (1999), A. Ruotsalainen (2003-5), E. Toivonen (2004-7), M. Roitto (2006-7), V. Lanta (2009-14).

Ph.D. students: D. Grodnitsky (1988-1990), J. Eränen (2004-8), V. Zverev (2006-12); all these students have obtained Ph.D. degree.

Interns: A. Shestakov (2016–2020), Z. Oudendijk (2020).

M.Sc. students: J. Koricheva (1987-1989), M. Motorkin (1988-1990).

Other students (practical training): J. Rikus (2018); S. López (2019).

Teaching and pedagogical competence

I obtained pedagogical training as a part of my University education. In 2012, the evaluation committee of the University of Helsinki graded my teaching skills as ‘excellent’. In 2012, I received an award from Northern (Arctic) Federal University (Arkhangelsk, Russia) for the development of an innovative course on planning of ecological research and creation of the distance learning module.

I have developed and taught several original courses for Ph.D. students and postdoctoral researchers and contributed to several courses taught at the University of Turku.

Other academic merits

2019-: Member of Editorial board of the Russian Journal of Ecology.

2018-: Member of Editorial board of Insects.

2016-: Coordinator (deputy coordinator from 2010-2016) of IUFRO working group 7.01.07 ‘Impacts of air pollution and climate change on forest ecosystems: Multiple stressors’.

2010-: Member of Editorial board of Water, Air and Soil Pollution.

2008-2014: Member of Editorial board of The Open Forest Science Journal.

2002-2009: Member of Scientific Council of Lapland Biosphere Reserve, Monchegorsk, Russia.

Reviewed 350+ manuscripts (currently at a rate of 20-25 per year) for over 80 international journals, including: Acta Oecologica; Acta Physiologia Plantarum; Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment; American Journal of Botany; American Midland Naturalist; Annales Botanici Fennici; Atmospheric Environment; Basic and Applied Ecology; Biological Journal of the Linnaean Society; Biology Letters; Boreal Environment Research; Botanica Helvetica; Botany; Canadian Entomologist; Chemosphere; Climatic Change; Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology; Current Opinion in Environmental Science & Health; Diversity; Ecography; Ecology; Ecology and Evolution; Ecological Entomology; Ecosystems; Entomologica Fennica; Entomological Review; Environmental Engineering; Environmental Indicators; Environmental Monitoring and Assessment; Environmental Pollution; Environmental Science and Pollution Research; European Journal of Entomology; European Journal of Forest Research; Forest Ecology and Management; Forest Ecosystems; Fisheries Research; Global Change Biology; Global Ecology and Biogeography; Industrial Crops and Products; International Journal of Biometeorology; International Journal of Plant Sciences; Journal for Engineering Research; Journal of Biogeography; Journal of Climate; Journal of Environmental Science and Health; Journal of Applied Ecology; Journal of Ecology; Journal of Plant Pathology; Landscape and Urban Planning; Methods in Ecology and Evolution; Molecules; Nature Plants; New Phytologist; Nota Lepidopterologica; Oecologia; Oikos; Pest Management Science; Plants; PLoS ONE; Polish Journal of Environmental Studies; Principles of Ecology; Proceedings of the Royal Society B – Biological Sciences; Research Letters in Ecology; Restoration Ecology; Russian Journal of Ecology; SHILAP: Revista de Lepidopterologia; Symmetry; Transactions of the Lepidopterological Society of Japan; Tree Physiology; Tropical Lepidoptera; Urban Forestry & Urban Greening; Vavilov Journal of Genetics and Breeding; Water, Air and Soil Pollution; Zoological Journal; Zoosystematica Rossica; Zootaxa.

Invited seminars

2021: Laurentian University, Canada (remotely).

2018: Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden, China.

2015: University of Helsinki, Finland;

2013: Northern (Arctic) Research University, Arkhangelsk, Russia;

2008, 2011: Institute of Plant and Animal Ecology, Yekaterinburg, Russia;

2007: Zoological Museum, University of Copenhagen, Denmark;

2006: University of Helsinki, Finland;

2005: National Museum of Natural History Naturalis, Leiden, Netherlands;

2005: Institute of Ecology, Vilnus, Lithuania;

2004: University of Oulu, Finland;

2003: Institute of Plant and Animal Ecology, Yekaterinburg, Russia;

2003: Institute of North Industrial Ecology Problems, Apatity, Russia;

2002: Regional Municipality of Sudbury, Canada;

2001: Natural History Museum, London, UK;

2001: University of Joensuu, Finland;

Organization of scientific meetings

2019-: Session organizer for the XXV IUFRO World Congress (Curitiba, Brazil).

2016-: Session organizer for the IUFRO 125th Anniversary Congress 2017 (Freiburg, Germany).

2012-: Session co-organizer for the 25th International Meeting for Specialists in Air Pollution Effects on Forest Ecosystems (Kaunas, Lithuania).

1991-1992: Chairman of the organizing committee of the international workshop ‘Aerial pollution in Kola Peninsula’ (held on 14-16 April 1992 in St. Petersburg, Russia) and Editor of the proceedings of this workshop (published in 1993).

Participation in scientific meetings

  • Oikos Finland conference for Ecologists and Evolutionary Biologists (Oulu, 2019);
  • 17th, 18th, 20th–28th International Meetings for Specialists in Air Pollution Effects on Forest Ecosystems (Firenze, 1996; Edinburgh, 1998; Zvolen, 2002; Oulu, 2004; Riverside, 2006; Murten, 2008; Antalya, 2010; Kaunas, 2012; Ilhéus, 2013; Nice, 2015; Tokyo, 2017);
  • Annual meetings of Finnish Lepidopterological Society (Helsinki, 2007, 2012 – invited speaker, 2015);
  • Russian Entomological Congresses (Kiev, 1984; St. Petersburg, 1989, 1997, 2012);
  • Fundamental Problems of Entomology in XXI century (St. Petersburg, 2011);
  • Current research in air pollution and climate change effects on northern terrestrial ecosystems (Oulu, 2011 – invited speaker);
  • ROOTS 2011 workshop (Joensuu, 2011);
  • XIX, XXIII and XXV IUFRO World Congresses (Montreal, 1990; Seoul, 2010; Curitiba, 2019);
  • 6th, 8th & 9th Finnish Conferences of Environmental Sciences (Joensuu, 2003; Mikkeli, 2007; Lahti, 2009);
  • XIX, XX, XXI and XXIII Entomological World Congresses (Beijing, 1992; Firenze, 1996 – invited speaker; Iguassu, Brasilia, 2000; Durban, 2008);
  • Global Ecology: Past, Present, Future (Yekaterinburg, 2008 – invited speaker).
  • Polar climate and environment: The challenges – European research in the context of the International Polar Year (Brussels, 2007);
  • Mining and the Environment 4th International Conference (Sudbury, 2007).
  • Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry SETAC Europe 16th & 17th Annual Meetings (Hague, 2006 – invited platform presentation; Porto, 2007);

Professional society membership

Publication activity

  • I published 376 scientific works, 223 of which are covered by ISI Web of Science (WoS) database: four books, two textbooks (one of which in two editions), 280 articles in peer-reviewed journals and 88 book chapters, including articles in conference proceedings, and one edited book.
  • During the past 10 years (2011-2020) I published 122 scientific works, including 102 peer-reviewed articles in international journals. Among these, 41 articles were published in journals falling within the first quartile of the relevant WoS subject area, including Ecological Monographs, Functional Ecology, Global Change Biology, Global Ecology and Biogeography, Journal of Ecology, Journal of Animal Ecology, Ecography, Oikos, Biology Letters, The Science of the Total Environment, Ecological Indicators, Environmental Pollution, Insects, Insect Science, Forest Ecology and Management, Journal of Thermal Biology and Scientific Reports. In 86 of these 102 peer-reviewed articles I am the single author, corresponding author or the first/last author.
  • According to WoS (all databases), by 17 January 2021 my works gained 4754 citations (excluding self citations) yielding H-index of 35. Accounting for studies not covered by WoS increased my H-index to 42 (Google Scholar; accessed 17 January 2021).
  • My research has been highlighted in a number of print, online, TV and radio media.