I graduated from St. Petersburg University in 1984 and obtained a Ph.D. in entomology in 1986. From 1984–1991, I was employed by the All-Union Institute of Plant Protection in St. Petersburg, Russia. Since 1991, I have worked at the University of Turku, Finland.


Insects are my favourite study objects. I started as an entomologist working on the morphology and systematics of archaic moths, but then extended my interest to insect ecology. My environmental research addresses the impacts of industrial pollution on terrestrial biota; my current focus is on global change impacts on trophic interactions in terrestrial ecosystems.


Since 1980, I have published 376 scientific works, 223 of which are listed in the ISI Web of Science: 279 articles in peer-reviewed journals, four monographs, two textbooks (one of which in two editions), 89 book chapters and papers in conference proceedings and one edited book. Many of these publications can be downloaded here.