My primary field of interest is history of modern philosophy; in 2007, I obtained my Ph.D. on Spinoza’s philosophy. I currently work on the Kone Foundation project The Emergence of Pessimism and am the Principal Investigator of the Emil Aaltonen Foundation research project The Modern View of Concepts. I am also a member of the Editorial Board of the newly launched Journal of Spinoza Studies (University of Groningen Press). I also lead the multidisciplinary Romantic Era Research Group.

Thematically, what interests me most are the basic moral questions concerning human existence and agency, as connected to certain ontological topics; or, perhaps one can say, the interplay between ethics and metaphysics. Accordingly, I have published on both so-called practical and theoretical topics in the era that spans, roughly, from Descartes to Nietzsche.

I presented “Dynamic Monadology and Force Plenarism in Kant” in the RENEW18 conference Kant’s Dynamic Theory of Matter (Brussels 7–8 March, 2024); I gave a revised and streamlined version of the paper, with the new title “The Early Kant’s Dual Layer Theory of Power,” in the Dynamis Seminar (Turku 15–17  May, 2024); here is the paper.

I presented “The Notion of Striving from Hobbes to Spinoza” in the DFG-Network Change and Change-Makers Workshop (Siegen 5 October 2023); here is my paper.



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Updated: 17 May 2024