1. TED-Ed videos in YouTube:
    Basics of Quantum Mechanics playlist
    TED-Ed is good resource also in general!
  2. PBS Space Time videos in YouTube:
    search for “quantum”,
    for example, playlist “Quantum Mechanics”
  3.  Veritasium videos in YouTube:
    search for “quantum”.
    Some videos of this channel present quantum physics from philosophical or speculative point of view.
  4. QPlayLearn videos:
    Videos can be found in different “Quests” in “Discover”.


  1.  Symmetrize Magazine:
    search for “quantum”,
    for example, basic quantum physics concepts.
  2. Interactive online Quantum computing textbooks:
    for example, “Quantum computing for the very curious”.
  3. Online textbook written by IBM teaching quantum computing Qiskit textbook:
  4. For philosophical point of view on quantum mechanics and many other topics Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy:
    search for “quantum”, or some specific concepts like “entanglement” or “many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics”.
    For example, “Philosophical Issues in Quantum Theory”.
  5. QPlayLearn “Discover” and “Learn”:
    Written explanations can be found in different “Quests” in “Discover”, and even more mathematically in “Learn”.
  6. Jyväskylän yliopiston avoin
    online kurssi “Kvanttimekaniikka ja suhteellisuusteoria yleissivistävästi”, in Finnish.


  1. QPlayLearn “Play”:
    Games can be found in different “Quests” in “Play”
    and you can play story-based treasure hunt game.
  2. Virtual Quantum Optics laboratory by Quantum Flytrap:
    Notice! This game is also used in QPlayLearn’s treasure hunt game.