Currently working on:

  • Fun in Theory article
  • Article about  how Finnish university students with different majors
    • meet quantum physics and in which contexts
    • see the importance of quantum physics
    • would like to study quantum physics, if at all
  • Collecting questionnaire based data to shed light on physics students’ perceptions and academic feelings towards their first quantum mechanics university course.
  • Folder to gather different kind of misconceptions about quantum physics (in products, films, social media)


[1] C. Foti, D. Anttila, S. Maniscalco, and M. L. Chiofalo, Universe 7(4), 86  (2021),
“Quantum Physics Literacy Aimed at K12 and the General Public”,

[2] D. Anttila, Pro gradu -tutkielma, University of Turku (2019),
”Yleistetyn todennäköisyysteorian tomografia”

Presentations and posters:

NUPE seminar
Online, organizer NUPE – Network of University Physics Educators
Presentation “Short-timed event as a method of triggering interest towards quantum physics in university environment”

Quantum Science Days 2022
Online, organizer QWorld
“Aalto Quantum Games course nurturing the creative minds of physicists and game creators” 

EXACTUS Seminar 2022
University of Turku
Poster “Interest as a crucial ingredient for successfully teaching Quantum Mechanics”

Physics Days 2022
Online, organizer Aalto University
Presentation “Finnish Young Minds (FYM)”

16th QWebinar “Quantum Games and Jams”
Online, organizer QWorld
Presentation “Quantum Game Jam”

Physics Days 2021
Online, organizer University of Jyväskylä
Presentation “Games in Theoretical Physics Outreach and Education”

YAO 2018
Glasgow, United Kingdom
Presentation “Experiments in the framework of generalized probabilistic theories”

Physics Days 2018
Turku, Finland
Best Poster Award ”Miniature microwave resonators for electron spin resonance”