Analytic Number Theory Workshop
Turku, 26-30 May, 2014
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The program consists of both invited talks (60 min) and contributed talks (25 min). Between the morning and afternoon sessions, there is some time intended for collaborative work.
Detailled program (pdf)
Abstracts (pdf)

All the lectures will take place in lecture hall XVII in the second floor of the Quantum buiding. There is a wide black board, a data projector and an overhead projector in the lecture hall. Moreover we shall have also two smaller lecture halls XVI (in first floor) and XVIII (in third floor) with blackboards available in the afternoons for collaborative work.

We will have an excursion and conference dinner on Thursday 29.5. The excursion includes a possibility to go to Finnish sauna and to swim in a pond --- please bring your swimming suit. The excursion and dinner are included in the conference fee

Please note that Thursday 29.5 is the Ascension Day which is a holiday in Finland so most places are closed, busses run in different schedule etc!

Topics of invited talks

Farrell Brumley: Sup norms of automorphic forms in the cusp
Daniel Fiorilli: Low-lying zeros of elliptic curve L-functions: Beyond the ratios conjecture
Gergely Harcos: On the sup-norm problem for arithmetic hyperbolic 3-manifolds
Adam Harper: Inverse questions for the large sieve
Martin Huxley: A sideways approach to the Circle Problem
Aleksandar Ivić: Zeta moments in short intervals
Matti Jutila: Riemann's zeta-function and the divisor function
Pär Kurlberg: Nodal length statistics for arithmetic random waves
James Maynard: Small gaps between primes
Yoichi Motohashi: Uniform Automorphic Extension of Linnik's Prime Number Theorem
Morten Risager: Counting hyperbolic lattice points for the modular group.
Anders Södergren: Low-lying zeros of Dedekind zeta functions

Topics of contributed talks

Johan Andersson: Voronin universality of some double Dirichlet series
Stefan Gerhold: Disproof of a conjecture by Rademacher on partial fractions
Ilker Inam: On Equidistribution of Signs and the Sato-Tate Conjecture
Jesse Jääsaari: A Resonance Estimate and Related $\Omega$-Result
Guangshi Lü: Shifted convolution of cusp-forms with $\theta$-series
Yuri Matiyasevich: Eigenvalues and eigenvectors of some Hankel matrices related to the zeta and L-functions
Mika Mattila: On singular LCM matrices and Hong's conjectures
Łukasz Pańkowski: Extreme values of L-functions from the Selberg class
Sumaia Saad Eddin: Two problems concerning the Laurent Stieltjes coefficients of Dirichlet L- series
Ade Irma Suriajaya: On the Zeros of the k-th Derivative of the Riemann Zeta Function under the Riemann Hypothesis
Esa Vesalainen: Short linear exponential sums related to Maass forms
Igor Wigman: On probability measures arising from lattice points on circles
Thomas Wright: Carmichael Numbers: Elliptic and Arithmetical